Nigerian Professional Network.

Connect with other Nigerian professionals home and abroad, find jobs, post jobs and other opportunities.

Why should you join this network?

If you are looking to increase your professional and business contacts or network, this is the tool design for us and by us Nigerians.

Our aim is to provide a community online where professionals in Nigerian can find and network. Nigerian professionals abroad can also use it to connect with counterparts in Nigeria to share skills, resources and everyone increase their networks.

Who should join?

Currently we are in a limited release for only Nigerian Startups and IT talents (Eg: Web developers, growth hackers, designers, software programmers, business analysts, product and project managers) in Nigeria.
New Business Networking Opportunities In Nigeria
B2B Networking with a marketplace and company directory
Add your company's products and services to the marketplace and the company directory.
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New Business Networking Opportunities In Nigeria
Widen your reach nationwide. Expand your business in Nigeria. Sell your products and services.
Nigerian B2B Marketplace for products. You  can add your product to the Nigerian Business to Business marketplace for nationwide visibility.
Company Directory. Add your company and it will automatically apear on the company director online for other businesses to see.
Business to Business Networking Find and follow other Nigerian entrepreneurs, CEOs, Company directors and professionals.
Your Network Your Net-Worth
Networking between Nigerian professionals
Find and connect with other Nigerian professionals in Nigeria and outside of Nigeria. Grow your professional network
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Networking btw Nigerian professionals
Widen your reach nationwide. Expand your horizon. Be seen. Be Heard.
Networking and communications. We  make it possible to find and follow other Nigerian Professionals just like you would on Facebook or Linkedin or Twitter.
Get Hired. Those with skills can apply to jobs and get hired. Professionals here have greater visibility to Nigerian jobs unlike Facebook or Twitter or Linkedin
Nigeria only Contents. We offer local user generated contents like posts and questions which will have greater visibility for everyone not just groups.
Verified companies in Nigeria
Verified Companies and Professionals
Nigerian companies and professionals will have the opportunity to become verified in order to increase trust.
Frequently Asked Questions
Is it free for professionals?
Of course. We will remain a free networking platform for professionals in Nigeria to use in applying for jobs nationwide, messaging, posting questions, getting answers to questions,finding and following other professionals, other online networking etc.
Is it free for companies?
Companies just like professionals will use the free networking tools and options available such as posting job openings, getting candidates for the vacancies created. Companies will also send messages, receive messages and will be listed on the company directory for free
How to find trusted businesses in Nigeria?
At some point we will bring in verification features to enable international and or local Nigerian businesses find verified Nigerian companies to do business with.
How to find trusted businesses in Nigeria?
Of course. Contact our Client Support team prior to your next billing cycle and we'll take care of your request.