Direct Marketing Associate

Organisation: Networkedng

Posted: 2021-10-04

End date: 15 October, 2021


Position description

We are looking for two direct marketing associates who have experience with door to door or face to face marketing and sales of products. Our product is an online professional network and a marketplace for professionals and small businesses in Nigeria. We are signing up local professionals and businesses to our platform. We are starting from Uyo, Akwa Ibom State. The task for these direct marketers will include but is not limited to going from shop to shop to present our products, explaining use cases and advantages to small businesses and sign them up to our platform. This job requires basic knowledge of internet browsing, mobile phone browsing, creating social media accounts and filling web forms in English. Candidates are required to have at least a minimum of an Ordinary National Diploma. Candidates can be undergraduates who are goal-driven and have the right attitude to work. We are looking for candidates who are truthful, timely and with great work etiquette. Please click the button below to apply for this job if you are interested. *If you have created your complete profile on, use the file upload function to provide us with a cover letter stating how you can help us offer our online marketplace solution to local businesses and professionals. * Salary details will be discussed during the interview stage.

Required Skills:

  • Marketing
  • Internet Browsing
  • Mobile Phone Browsing
  • English Language