Content and Community Management Trainee

Organisation: Networkedng

Posted: 2021-10-05

End date: 30 November, 2021


Position description

Networkedng is a startup professional and business social media. We are looking for individuals who would like to train for skills in content and community management. The role involves creating unique content such as questions, answers, posts, comments, moderating comments and helping onboard (register users) users on the platform if they need help. You'll be given monthly stipends to pay for your internet. You will be trained on tools to use. At the end of your training period, you should be able to have skills that can give you employment as a content creator or content manager and or support personnel. You can then work either as a freelancer or employee. Depending on what stage of growth we are in, we could also hire you full-time. This trainee position will last for three months. With a trial period of one week to see how fast you can pick up new skills or can carry out instructions. We are looking for individuals who can think for themselves, learn fast and can use mobile phone applications to edit content. This position is open to candidates who have at least an Ordinary National Diploma. Undergraduates are welcome. Only a few candidates will be selected. To qualify, please create your account on, fill out your professional profile and apply for this position. Upload your cover letter in place of your CV. In the cover letter, tell us why you will be a good candidate. What you hope to get out of it.

Required Skills:

  • English
  • Internet Browsing
  • Mobile Phone Browsing
  • Smart Phone Usage
  • Digital Marketing
  • Content Marketing